Winzip Vs Winrar


Winzip vs Winrar

The Different Winzip and Winrar – Basically software WinZip and WinRAR is not much different that is used as the compression and decompression of files. Compression is a term to suppress a file so that finally got the smaller size, decompression is the term to restore the size of a file that has been in the previous compression. The size of the file is identified with a magnitude of data. The more complex an application or data, the greater the size of the file. Files with large size will have some problems such as spending the amount of storage media as well as slow delivery performance file itself, because the larger the size of a file so the more time used to send or move a file to another device or to another storage partition.

Winzip and Winrar also used to make folder or many folders easy to downloaded and sharing with another user. it is like folder convert into a file that can be sent and downloaded either via email or uploaded to the cloud so it can be downloaded by the user.

The Different Winzip and Winrar

But there is a difference between both the compression applications such as:

The main advantage of ZIP format is its popularity. Yes,  most archives on Internet are ZIP archives. Many people use zip archives to archive their file So if you are going to send an archive to someone, but you are not sure that your addressee has WinRAR to extract the archive contents, it might be a good idea to use the ZIP format. Zip format is general and default file archive format.  Though, you may also send a self-extracting archive. Such archives are slightly larger, but can be extracted without external programs.

Winzip is default compressors file or folder for microsoft windows. The original use PKZIP format but also has a level of support for others.Winzip format created for shareware gui and front-end for PKZIP. Maker of WinZip incorporated compression code from the project info-zip, thus eliminating the need for PKZIP.

Winzip supports multiple file formats, among others: arc, arj, b64, BHM, cab, gz, .hqx, LZH, mim, tar, Taz, tgz, tz, uu, uue, XXE, z, and zip. where WinZip lose this size, it will be only in the file format to zip format.

Data Compression

Data Compression

WinRAR is a shareware file archiving applications where these applications can make compresi rar natively, because the encoding method itself is considered prioritary.WinRAR supports the following file formats: rar, zip, cab, ARJ, LZH, ace, 7-zip, tar, gzip, uue , bzip2, jar, iso, z and will compress files in the form of rar, zip and to manage files. Winrar can open file with extention zip, but winzip cannot open file with extention rar

Typically RAR format provides better compression than ZIP, more efficient and smaller file compression especially in the solid mode. WinRAR multi-volume archives in RAR format or ZIP format which allow more functions like self-extracting volumes.

RAR format has also a few important features missing in ZIP, such as the recovery record allowing to reconstruct damaged data and locking important archives to prevent their accidental modification.

The only thing that is great is the speed WinZip itself. in all the experiments to video audio, and images as well as text, WinZip is the fastest in file compression. Video is compressed to 3 times faster at maximum compression and even 5 times faster at normal compression. Audio and image files are audio and image takes longer to compress using PPMd (maximum) compression and less with bzip2 (maximum again), although for video files that are opposite, but in the end, will beat the fastest compression time and WinAce, of course, WinRAR. Even for text files such differences visible: The maximum compression WinZip 10% faster and at normal compression even more 15% faster. Winrar is more efficient in compressing file because it compress more than winzip.

Hope this will make you easier to choose Winzip or Winrar. Good day :)

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